2019 Presentation at Amputee Coalition National Conference

In this presentation, two Connecticut amputees and co-founders of CAN, Herb Kolodny and Brenda Novak, offer a practical guide for amputees who are pursuing legislative change in their states. Their efforts were instrumental in passage of the first state insurance fairness law since 2013. They discuss both strategic and tactical recommendations, and share insights from their personal experience. ­

2021 Presentation to Social Workers, Yale New Haven Hospital System

Presented by CAN co-founders Herb Kolodny and Brenda Novak to Social Workers in the Yale New Haven Hospital System on February 4, 2021 to discuss the role Social Workers play in recovery of amputees. They are in a position to communicate to new amputee patients the availability of peer visits and the importance of amputee support groups.

2021 Amputee Coalition Volunteer Summit Presentation