Connecticut Amputee Network  
Founded By Amputees For Amputees

Connecticut Amputee Network welcomes you. As amputees ourselves, we know that people with limb loss/limb change share issues and concerns that need to be addressed. We decided to create this organization, CAN, to join together people with limb loss/limb change, their loved ones, caretakers, educators, and medical professionals, to work together for positive change in legislation, to educate and share information, and to network with other organizations that serve people with disabilities. 

We won’t be able to do all of this on our own -- we will need your help. If you want to be involved, please contact us. If there’s a particular area that you are interested in, or have a special skill to offer, tell us about that as well.   

 We CAN overcome challenges and make progress together.

Our Mission
Connecticut Amputee Network advocates for Connecticut’s limb loss and limb change community. We communicate the community’s needs and concerns to elected officials at the local, state and federal levels, and in turn elected officials consult with us as experts on the community’s position regarding disability issues. We also provide information on the law and disability rights to the limb loss/limb change community.
Contact Us
Herb Kolodny 
Certified Peer Mentor 
Mobile: 203/530-7986 
Brenda Novak 
Certified Peer Mentor 
Mobile & Text: 480/353/9337